Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a Month!

Am finally back in the studio after being gone for almost 3 weeks. I spent a week in Glen Arbor for the opening and the show - which went really well; paintings were sold, people were met! The day I took the show down it was off to Harbor Springs for 5 days for a paint-out & opening at Tvedten. Then home for 4 days, which was just long enough to swap for clean clothes and repack to go to Niagra Falls for 3 days. I know its hard to believe but I think I talked more in those 3 weeks than I would normally talk in a year! Now for less talking and more painting.

Also I want to say mucho gracias to those of you who were able to come up for the opening and or purchased a painting. That support simply cannot be measured in words, but know that it is deeply appreciated.

And to my good friend Chuck - are you sure that painting is unsigned????? :)

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