Monday, December 8, 2008

Sun on Sand and Snow - North Bar

Finally, the illustration projects are wrapped up for now and have had some time to get back in the studio. Am posting another 6x12 image in the canvas reclamation project. This is a study done for a larger painting (24x48) that I'll eventually be posting as well. 


Candace Trew Camling said...

ooh la la! I adore this!

MatthewP said...

Hey Margo,
Nicely done. Good to find your work after all these years and see you have stuck to it on the fine art front.

Drop a line some time.

Matthew Patulski

Margo Burian said...

Matthew! Hi, and how the heck are you?????
I need your email address, hopefully this will bounce back to you. Also am going to look for you on facebook.
Would love to catch up with you.

maryjo1451 said...

So excited about this picture! Caused a small uproar at home when I removed a very large (and very good) photograph of the children from our bedroom wall, and replaced it with this fine piece of art! Is the larger painting truly 24 x 48? Is there a picture of it in its' frame?

Mary Jo

Margo Burian said...

Mary Jo-
Great meeting you last week in Glen Arbor. Hopefully the uproar over the photo removal/art installation has died down and you've been forgiven! :) I am so glad this one has gone to a good home. This image was the Center Gallery's New Year's card for 2009.

And yes, the larger version is 48x24 and I will post a photo of it in its frame later today or tomorrow.