Friday, June 5, 2009

Lilacs in the Rain

I am recently returned from 10 days in Glen Arbor. A few highlights - A Black Bear, the first one I've ever seen in the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore and most fortunate for both of us that I didn't hit him with my car! Zucchini pancakes with feta, garlic, butter and a liberal helping of creative inspiration dished up by renaissance woman Cre Woodard. Painting and more inspiration in the form of a plein air session and studio visit with artist Carol Spaulding. Painting in the rain. Painting in the cold and painting in the wind.


KD8PW said...

Margo have you produced any work from your Eden Hill photo shoot in May??
I would be interested when you do.

Margo Burian said...

Hello Jane,
I haven't as of yet but will let you know when I do. Thank you so much for letting me wander the orchards. Am interested in getting back up there yet in the next few months - so visually rich and beautiful. Will email you when I think I can get there.