Friday, December 11, 2009

Thornswift Nature Preserve

A couple of recent ones. In August I participated at a paintout in Harbor Springs sponsored by Tvedten Fine Art. Like much of this past summer the conditions that day were less than ideal. O.k., the truth is they were horrendous.  Driving rain, cold. The first part of the morning was spent "car"painting at Angell Farm, trying not to get paint all over the inside of Craig's car.

There was a bit of a break in the clouds right after lunch so I headed down to Thornswift Nature Preserve. About 30 minutes into the painting I could see the rain moving across the lake towards me. Fortunately I had enough time to make a few sketches and some color notes as well as a smallish painting. These two 5x7 paintings were completed last week as a synthesis of that experience. 

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Unknown said...
Interested in speaking with you about some illustrations I need done for an upcoming brochure.
Thank you.