Sunday, September 14, 2008

The sketchbook

Am in a sketchbook kind of mood lately and its never a bad thing to keep your drawing skills sharp. One of the great things about when I did the Artist-In-Residency (see way back posts) last year, I got back into the habit of keeping a sketchbook. Almost all of the sketching that I do for commercial work is done on tissue overlays, so while I have piles of sketches they're mostly just that....piles of sketches. The sketchbook however feels like a personal record, a diary of drawing so to speak. This little sketch of Bodhi I am posting was done just a couple of days ago. Bodhi, out of all the living, breathing creatures that reside here is always the most agreeable model. Unlike those felines who care not to suffer for art by being imposed upon to model, as they will undoubtedly move when they realize that they are being observed. Ingrates.

Lately a lot of my sketches have been in mixed media - mostly a combination of 30% grayscale markers and a 90% prisma pencil. I like the saturation of the marker as its a bit like painting, plus its about having to get shapes down accurately the first time.

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Sue said...

OH great - now you're doing dog pictures?!

Just kidding - what a sweet little sketch of a sweet not-so-little dog :)