Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Joe's Farm

And just how do I know that this is Joe's farm?
In my quest to connect to the landscape around here, I've been heading east towards Lowell. The attitude of the land is beautiful,
rolling hills peppered with barns. There is a little site that I've been painting at recently in this little non-dot-on-the-map Parnell. Parnell consists of three major landmarks; a church, a convenience store and a cemetery. (Like a weird Bermuda Triangle of sorts!) Anyone who thinks a cemetery is a quiet/lonely place ought to head out to Parnell. So much for painting uninterrupted.
Fellow artist Holli Sturges and I met a number of people while painting in the cemetery. One of which was Joe's brother who promptly called Joe to tell him that I was painting his farm, who then said we were welcome to come on over to the farm and paint sometime. Definitely am planning on taking him up on that.


David Freeman said...

Hello Margo,

Your impression really does remind me of what I best recall about the area of Lowell. It really feels like an intimate moment there.

Margo Burian said...

Hi David Freeman! Seriously I was just thinking about you 2 days ago. Wondering where you are and what is up with you.
Email me to catch up.